"Highlights" Magazine Pressed to Include LGBT Families

The near ubiquitous doctor’s office children’s magazine “Highlights” has recently become the latest target of LGBT activists who are pressing the popular children’s magazine to include depictions of homosexual families and LGBT individuals among its characters and stories.

The controversy began about 3 weeks ago with the following post on the Highlights For Children’s Facebook page.

The magazine’s editors chose to responded to the post with the following seemingly cordial and appropriate response. (which seems to have now been removed)

highlights-response-capture-49kHere is a sample of the responses that followed:

The publishers of the magazine obviously must’ve been considering the current social climate because only 3 days later in a move clearly meant to de-escalate the situation and quell the negative responses to their initial statement, they invited concerned individuals to visit their website to view a revised statement which is as follows (emphasis mine).

In the last several days, Highlights for Children has received many comments and questions about representing LGBTQ families in our magazines. In our initial response, our words weren’t reflective of our values, intentions or our position, and we apologize. We want to assure you that we have read every message and are listening carefully.

For those of you who know us—who read Highlights magazine as a child or have given it to a child—you know we have a long history of promoting inclusion and sensitivity. How to do this better and in a way that resonates with today’s kids is an ongoing dialogue in our editorial meetings—and has been for 70 years. Our mission never changes: To help kids become their best selves—curious, creative, confident, and caring. But we are constantly evolving. It may seem to some that we are evolving too slowly.

We want to reiterate that we believe all families matter. We know that there are many ways to build a family, and that love is the essential “ingredient.” This conversation has helped us see that we can be more reflective of all kinds of families in our publications. We are committed to doing so as we plan future issues.

As difficult as these past few days have been, we are always grateful for reader feedback.

That a magazine so established it is probably ingrained in the memory of every American’s childhood would so quickly capitulate over handful of negative Facebook comments, and without regard to it’s greater readership, would have been unthinkable even just a few years ago.

Nevertheless, speaking to the website lifesitenews.com Rod Dreher of the American Conservative sees the magazine as a victim, one that now having so quickly submitted to the Mob of political correctness will…

“Within a year or two… face enormous pressure to, um, highlight transgendered tots. Do you doubt it?”

While the LGBT agenda continues to tighten its hold on secular societies I would remind watchful Christians everywhere to continue to pray for their communities and for children everywhere, and to remember the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew.

Matthew 18:6

“If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.


He is coming soon! And He will make good on his word.