Surely no one can refuse the water for these to be baptized who have received the Holy Spirit just as we did, can he?” 

Acts 10:47

An organization called Bibles for Mideast, An underground Ministry that seeks to distribute 50,000 Bibles in the Arabic language as well as plant 100 house churches this year, has recently posted an incredible testimony to their website. The story recounts the experience of 50 Christians somewhere in the Middle East, 24 of whom were on their way to be baptized at their own request. Due to the need for a body of water and the public nature of baptism this can often be a very dangerous decision. But remembering the verse in Acts 10:47 above the pastor of the small group decided to honor their decisions.

According to the story the entire group traveled by bus, and we’re especially careful about sharing the details regarding the day’s planned event. nevertheless a group of militants apparently found out and after the baptism had finished we’re able to catch up to the bus on its way home. That’s when the militants began shooting at the bus, and the small group of Christians began praying for deliverance with the fearful expectation that this may be their last day.

And that’s when the miracle happened, just as they finished praying they saw a large dust storm forming behind the bus and the vehicles who were pursuing them, and it was gaining on them fast. Within moments it overtook the militant’s vehicles which quickly disappeared into the dense cloud, and then the massive dust storm appears to have miraculously slowed down remaining a safe distance behind the bus as it continued down the road. They report having heard a few more gunshots ringing out from the storm, but they never saw the pursuing militants again!

Can anyone withhold water for baptizing these people…?

The answer is absolutely not!