BEND, Ore. – A series of three earthquakes struck off the Oregon coast Sunday, felt by few on land. The state hasn’t experienced a major earthquake recently, but experts warn a massive quake is on the horizon.

“Oregon, you know, we’re not used to being considered earthquake country, but we are and we’re learning that that’s the case,” said Deschutes County Road Department Director Chris Doty said Monday.

Allison Pyrch, a geotechnical engineer, said Oregonians need to be prepared, because the state is overdue for a massive event.

“The Cascadia subduction zone is the earthquake that’s been getting a lot of media lately. It’s a 9.0, just like they’ve had in Japan about five years ago. It would be major shaking along the western portion of the state (and) a tsunami,” Pyrch said.

According to Oregon State University scientists. there’s a 37 percent chance of an 8.0 or 9.0-magnitude quake hitting in the next 50 years.

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