Sun Releases Three Powerful Solar Flares In 24HR Period

According to NASA the sun emitted 3 mid-level solar flares on April 2-3, 2017 releasing powerful bursts of radiation into space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured images of the three events which show the incredible magnitude of the blasts relative to the enormous size of the sun. A 2013 NASA video of three similarly sized events displays the extraordinary power released by larger solar flares.

Although our atmosphere keeps the harmful radiation from penetrating through and harming life on earth, solar flares of a large enough magnitude are capable of disrupting both GPS and communications satellites. In fact within the last 30 years solar storms have caused temporary loss of control and corruption of on-board data of numerous communications satellites, knocked out Quebec’s hydro-electric power system, and in August of 1989 a severe solar caused 3 successive failures to the Toronto Stock Exchange’s computer systems halting of trading for 3 hours.

None of these storms however have reached the magnitude of the 1859 Carrington Event. According to NASA if an event of that magnitude were to occur today it predicts that it could potentially send us back to the 18th century for an extended period of time.