The Bible tells us in the story of Israel’s escape from Egypt that the last plague was the Passover event. The Jews were to choose a lamb on the 10 day of the month and then separate it… set it aside… for 4 days until the 14th day of the month when they were to sacrifice it at 3pm and then put the blood on the doorposts to show that the house was under the protection of God. In the thousands of years since that first Passover the Jews still have not figured out why God made them choose the lamb and then wait 4 days to sacrifice it for their sins. Keeping that thought in mind 2 Peter 3:8 and Psalm 90:4 tell us that to the Lord 1000 years is like 1 day. This is interesting because 1 Corinthians 5:7 tells us that Jesus is our Passover lamb… Revelation 13:8 tells us that Jesus was the lamb slain (selected) from the foundation of the world…. And lastly Matthew 27:45-50 tells us that Jesus died at 3pm.

What we also know from history is that Jesus died in the year 31 A.D. and that from Adam to Abraham was 2000 years and from Abraham to Jesus was 2000 years or 4000 years total from creation to Jesus’ death on the cross.

Interesting huh… 4000 years … a day with the lord is like a 1000 year… or 4 days to God is like 4000 years to us!
So, Jesus became the sacrificial lamb when Adam and Eve sinned (we could say he was chosen / selected) and just like the Passover lamb that was hidden away for 4 days… for 4000 years Jesus remained in hidden from us in heaven until the 4th day in God’s sight when He came down to earth to be our sacrifice and put our lives under the protection of God just like the Jews in Egypt.
Ellen White also agrees with this. She says in Desire of the Ages page 653 that when Christ was on the cross He was standing at the point of transition… He, the spotless Lamb of God, was about to present Himself as a sin offering, bringing to an end the system of types and ceremonies that for *four thousand years* had pointed to His death.

So, 31 AD was 4000 years since sin entered the world and the plan of redemption went into effect.

The bible also tells us that the final part of the plan of redemption will include the millennium in heaven lasting 1000 years… This gives us 2000 years from Adam to Abraham + 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus + time of Jesus to second coming + 1000 years in heaven. This is 5000 years leaving just the time from Jesus to us… makes sense it would also be 2000 years to equal 6000 years. Or in God’s sight 6 days plus the Millennium also 1000 years or 1 day in God’s sight so that the entire plan of redemption finishes in 7 days… just like God finished creation in 6 days and rested 1 day giving us our 7-day week.

Ellen white also agrees saying in The Great Controversy Page 673 that Satan’s work would only last for six thousand years at which point God will deliver His people.

Since we know when the 4000 years ended… 31 ad. We just need to add 2000 years to get 2031 A.D. This is just 15 years from 2016… But that doesn’t mean we’ve got 15 years… because God says that the last days will get so bad that if He doesn’t cut it short… no one would survive it. Romans 9:28 Matthew 24:21 and 22

So realistically it could be anywhere from 8 to 12 years is my guess…